Cyber Attack Warning


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Computer users have under two weeks to save themselves from a cyber attack blamed for millions of pounds of fraud across the world. Homes and businesses have been warned  to secure personal and vital business information on their computers before a gang of international cyber criminals begins another campaign of hacking which has so far netted them €75m. The National Crime Agency teamed up with the FBI and other cybercrime experts to take down a criminal network’s ‘command-and-control’ – but admit they cannot keep it down for long. More than 15,500 British computers have already been invaded. Many more, running on Windows, remain under threat from ‘botnets’, which can steal money from accounts without users’ knowledge.

Urban Schrott, Cyber Security Analyst, joined The Shaun Doherty Show to discuss what this means for computer users . He advised listeners to avoid emails that appear to be coming from their bank and change your passwords regularly.