Stranorlar Update – Count concludes with Liam Doherty joining five outgoing councillors


Stranorlar Update - Following the 9th count in the Finn Valley Centre, Liam Doherty of Sinn Fein, a newcomer to the council exceeded the quota, and Gerry Crawford and Martin Harley were deemed elected without reaching the quota.

Cllr Patrick Mc Gowan had been returned on the 7th count.




The first count has been concluded in the Stranorlar Electoral Area, with Gary Doherty of Sinn Fein and Independent Frank Mc Brearty deemed elected.

The first count confirmed a total valid poll of 10,628, and a quota of 1,519.


Gerry Crawford  FF  1220

Gary Doherty  SF  1927

Liam Doherty  SF  1054

Bert Galbraith  FG  694

Martin Harley  1136

Seamus Kee  Ind  434

Claudia Kennedy  FF  303

Frank Mc Brearty  Ind  1591

Brian  Mc Crea  Lab  228

Charlie Mc Dyer  PBP  237

Patrick Mc Gowan  FF  1414

Alan Mc Menamin  Ind  312

Tim Meehan  Ind  38


Gary Doherty's surplus of 446 currently being distributed.