Breakdown of Donegal County Councils budget spending released

Donegal County CouncilThe independent think tank has published a new interactive website dedicated to local authority finances.

Using figures from council budgets agreed at the beginning of the year, provides a per-capita breakdown of every euro being spent by the 31 local councils across the country this year.

In Donegal, €138.6m will be spent in 2014, amounting to €860 per person.

According to the data which has been collated by, this year will see just over €208 per person spent on on maintaining Donegal's road network, 27% of total spending.

Almost €8 per person on Local Representatives’ salaries and expenses, 72c per person on unfinished housing estates, and just over €19 on educational support services.

Almost €132 was budgetted for the supply of drinking water, a function which has now been taken over by Irish Water.

Overall, Donegal County Council spends roughly the same per person as the national average, although it spends comparatively less on Housing, Environmental Services and Amenities, and comparatively more on Roads, Water and Economic Development.