Derry musician jailed for supplying drugs

Derry Magistrates Court

A music and dance enthusiast from Derry has been jailed for supplying drugs, with a judge stating that he had exploited his position in the entertainment scene in order to do so.

The 22-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had pleaded guilty to supply and offering to supply cocaine, MDMA, mephedrone and ketamine.

At the Crown Court yesterday Judge Philip Babington jailed the young man for 32 months.

The defendant, who was described by his teacher as "the best electronic musician in Derry", was arrested after his home was searched by police in February last year.

The court heard that text messages relating to the buying and selling of drugs were found on his mobile phone.

Officers also recovered a quantity of counterfeit driving licences, said to have been given by the defendant to friends so they could get into nightclubs.

Judge Babington said it was clear that the defendant was instrumental in the selling of drugs to a group of about 30 friends.

He added that the offending was both pre-meditated and opportunistic, but noted that a pre-sentence report stated the defendant recognised the shame he had caused to his family.

Relatives of the defendant wept as he was jailed.

He will spend half of his sentence in prison, without remission, and half on licence.