Council confirms the testing of septic tanks has now begun

Donegal County Council has confirmed this morning that in the interim period between the EPA drafting its mid year report and its publication today, the septic tank inspection programme has begun in the county and approximately 10% of inspections have now been completed.

County house
This morning, EPA figures to the end of February showed that Donegal was one of four counties which had not yet commenced inspections. However, in a statement to Highland Radio News a short time ago, the council confirmed that testing has now begun.

The council says homeowners have been and will be notified in advance of the inspection and provided with advice on what to expect from an inspection and how to prepare for it. The inspections will continue across the 5 electoral areas over the coming months and, as indicated by the EPA, Donegal County Council is committed to completing the programme allocated to the county under the National Inspection programme.

Nationally, there's been a failure rate of just over 50%, with no indication yet of what the situation will be in Donegal.