Bruckless Bridge being officially opened by Transport Minister this evening


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Transport Minister Leo Varadkar will officially open the new Bruckless Bridge this afternoon, almost two years after the work was completed.

Donegal County Council says hroughout the years the 90-degree bend at the bridge was responsible for many collisions, and in recent years, its importance as a link to the Port of Killybegs had become more and more significant.

Donegal County Council says during discussions with shipping services in Killybegs, it became clear that large commercial vehicles carrying wind turbine rotor blades with lengths of up to 50m would frequently travel this route following their delivery to the Port of Killybegs.

That became a factor in determining the overall design of the scheme, and also gave a further impetus to the project.

Planning started in December 2010, with a design team appointed within a month. A finalised option was agreed in May 2011, at which land purchases were agreed and planning was formalised. A slight diversion of the Calhame (Pron : Kal-Haim) River was needed, and that was designed in consultation with Inland Fisheries Ireland given its close proximity to Donegal bay.

Works on the new bridge and road realignment commenced in October 2011, and were successfully completed in the beginning of May 2012.