Police in Derry appeal for information on suspicious approach of a child

psniPolice in Foyle are seeking information about a man who stopped his car and spoke to a seven-year-old girl in Eglinton on  Monday.

Police says they want to speak to the man to determine the exact circumstances.

At around 8.40am on Monday, the driver of a car described as a 'black jeep' stopped beside the girl at Woodvale Road and spoke to her, and then drove on.

After the incident the girl walked on to school and reported the matter to her family that evening.

The vehicle had a white tyre on the back, which may have had numbers on it, and also contained what appears to be a dog grill on the back window.

The driver was aged in his late 40s or early 50s and had brown hair, a dark complexion and a grey beard.

Police would like to speak to the man to establish the exact circumstances.