Independent candidate accuses Labour of hijacking his polling clerk issue

Siobhan McLaughlin
Siobhan McLaughlin

There is a spat amongst two local election candidates over the issue of polling clerk positions being offered to people on the live register.

The call was made by Labour's election candidate Siobhan McLaughlin, but Labour has been accused of hijacking the issue by Peter Cutliffe who is a long time campaigner for the move.

Labour Candidate Siobhan McLaughlin has called for unemployed people in Donegal to be given access to paid positions at polling stations and count centres during the local and European elections on 23rd May.

The Letterkenny / Milford hopeful says there are many people who would value the experience to do this work, have the skills, and would  appreciate the opportunity to participate in  the process.

But this hasn’t settled well with Independent Candidate Peter Cutliffe.

He has slammed Labour saying  that it was a bit late in the day for Siobhan Mc Laughlin to be concerned' about an issue he has been addressing for the past 3 years.

Mr Cutliffe is a former Labour party member who left the party, in part, due to its local election selection process.

He says they should identify proposals of their own.