Possible breakthrough in search for missing plane

BA plane
Malaysian authorities say the sighting of two objects which may be connected to missing flight MH370 are credible but have yet to be confirmed as debris of the aircraft.

The images were picked up by Australian government satellites in the Southern Indian Ocean.

One item is described as 24 metres long and is said to be some 2,500 miles southwest of Perth.

Four aircraft have been sent to the area - along with rescue vessels - in a bid to identify the objects. Malaysia's acting Transport Minister Hishamuddin Hussein gave this update on the situation.

"Australia has received satellite imagery of objects possibly related to the search for MH370" he said.

"The images were captured by satellite - they may not be related to the aircraft".

"The assessment of these images was provided by the Australian Geospatial Intelligence Organisation, as a possible indication debris southwest of Perth" he added.