Aer Lingus seeks ‘millions’ in compensation over planned SIPTU strike


Aer Lingus is to sue SIPTU over its planned industrial action which was struck down in the High Court earlier this week.

On Wednesday the High Court prevented SIPTU members holding a four hour stoppage.

However Aer Lingus says the the threat of the strike has left it severely out of pocket.

Industry Correspondent with the Irish Times Martin Wall outlines the reasons why the airline believes it should be compensated.

"It lost money on its advance bookings and also it had to incur costs for hiring in additional aircraft, for example, which couldn't be recouped - the costs had already been incurred" he said.

"So this  morning Aer Lingus served legal proceedings on SIPTU for damages, and are believed to be seeking - according to informed sources - multiple millions of euro in compensation" he added.