Donegal man suing newspaper over article which made him look like a’headcase’

A man suing the Sunday Times for defamation over an opinion piece about him filming the birth of his baby daughter says he does not accept it was an emergency delivery.

Dubai based property broker John McCauley, originally from Donegal but now wth an  address in Co Kildare claims the column by journalist Brenda Power wrongly made him look like 'some kind of headcase running around with a camera'.

Columnist Brenda Power wrote an article in the Sunday Times about John McCauley after he lost an action for damages against a hospital and a midwife who interrupted him filming the birth of his first daughter.

The 46 year old says he was disgusted by the opinion piece from March 2009 which he claims meant that he showed no consideration or care for his partner Jurgita and their baby.

Under cross examination by lawyers for the Sunday Times which denies defamation, John McAuley said he had received permission from staff at Mount Carmel to film the birth.

He didn't believe the delivery by caesarean section was an emergency but accepts that it was if that' s the term used by medical staff.

He claims the midwife at the birth was very cold and abrupt. He says she was professional in carrying out her duties but not in her manner.