Donegal man ‘disgusted’ after American flag is burnt outside his New York bar

A Donegal bar owner in New York, who hung an American flag outside his pub to celebrate his new U.S. citizenship, is said to be devastated after an unidentified man burnt the flag on July 4th.

John Doherty who owns the the Playwright Pub on 35th Street in Manhattan says he was deeply shocked by what happened.

He told The New York Daily News. “I didn’t think anyone would touch the flag, especially on the Fourth of July,” “It’s disgusting that someone would burn it, flying that flag is part of being proud to be American.”

The unidentified culprit is seen on video tape approaching the U.S.  flag with his lighter and making repeated efforts to set it ablaze before he finally succeeds.

Mr Doherty, who had hung the flag to celebrate his achievement of becoming an American citizen just four days earlier, suspects the man is from a rival restaurant.