Nesbitt urges people and businesses of Derry to support Magee expansion

University of Ulster Chancellor James Nesbitt has called on the people and institutions of Derry to get behind the University’s call for Magee expansion.

Addressing a graduation ceremony at the Millenium Forum in the city this afternoon, he said the University of Ulster is Derry's university, and they are committed to its development at the Magee campus and other sites in the city.

He added this university is not just in Derry~Londonderry, it is also of the city, and its capacity and potential are shaped by how the university interfaces with its people, its public institutions and its businesses.

In his capacity as Chancellor, Dr Nesbitt said the university wants to develop with the city, and work effectively with local partners to help deliver sustainable, healthy and creative physical, social and economic development.

He said student numbers at Magee are already on target to grow by about 1500 since 2008, with the total soon to exceed 5000.

He added each additional full–time student directly generates a minimum of £10,000 for the local economy and that does not include the additional indirect impact that spend has through the creation of new jobs and business opportunities. This means, he said, an additional 1,000 full time students generates £10 million each year for the local economy.

Concluding, he called on all the institutions and people of the city to come together to support the growth of Magee.