Latest Live Register figures indicate level of youth emigration in Donegal

The latest figures from the CSO show a significant fall in under 25s  signing on in Donegal over the last year with many blaming emigration for the drop.

In June there were 21,378 people signing on in Donegal - a drop of 706.

The figures show that those under 25 made up the vast majority of those who came of the register.

Taking people of all ages into account, there was a fall of 706 signing on in Donegal in the year to June.

The biggest fall was recorded in Inishowen with 4,289 signing on last month down 270 year on year. There was also a significant drop in the Letterkenny area - 177 fewer signed on last month compared to June 2012.

There was also less people signing on in Dungloe, Dunfanaghey and Ballyshannon. Slight increases were recorded in Ballybofey and Donegal Town.

When the under 25's are separated - all offices recorded a drop the biggest of which were in Letterkenny, Ballyshannon, Dungloe and Buncrana.