‘Jail the bankers’ protests take place in Donegal Town, Galway and Dublin

'Jail the bankers' protests have taken place in Dublin, Galway and Donegal Town.

Organisers say that the Anglo Tapes - released this week - were the final straw and are calling for the government to do more to tackle the bankers.

Gerry Bray was one of those that took part in the protest in Donegal Town  - he says people need to take to the streets to force action:

Meanwhile, fresh revelations in the Anglo Tapes scandal show that the Brian Cowen led government refused to shut down Anglo Irish Bank despite warnings from the governments own external advisers, Merril Lynch.

In the latest batch of tapes published by the Irish Independent today, former CEO David Drumm is heard telling colleague John Bowe that Merril Lynch had turned against them and branded the troubled bank a basket case.

The conversations took place just days before David Drumm lost his job and the bank was nationalised at a cost of 30 billion euro to the Irish taxpayer.