Cllr Pascal Blake is the new Mayor of Letterkenny

Independent Cllr Pascal Blake has been unanimously elected as Mayor of Letterkenny, possibly the last person to hold that position. His Deputy Mayor is Cllr Tom Crossan.

Outgoing Mayor Cllr Dessie Larkin showed members a letter signed by 47 people in the 1840s calling for the establishment of a Town Council in Letterkenny, and a copy of the government act of 1856 under which the council was formed.

He praised the officials and council staff who he said have served the town with distinction, adding that they are being treated in a disgraceful fashion by Minister Phil Hogan, with no clarification about their future.

Mayor Blake said he was honoured to serve the town, and in what will be a year of change, he'll be striving to promote local democracy.

He says the fast that his election was unanimous shows the extent to which political manoeuvring has been replaced by true democracy in Letterkenny...