Fianna Fail put forward Cllr Sean McEniff to run against Cllr Ian McGarvey for position of Mayor

SeanmceniffA Donegal County Cllr, who sparked a huge controversy earlier this year over remarks he made about the travelling community, has been put forward by Fianna Fail to be the next Mayor of Donegal.

Cllr Sean McEniff, who said in January that all travellers should live in isolation, has been selected to run for Mayor against Cllr Ian McGarvery.

Cllr McGarvey is expected to be installed as the next Mayor of Donegal on Monday, but as Fianna Fail are excluded from the power-sharing pact on the council, they have selected their own candidate for the role.

And despite the comments he made earlier this year, Cllr McEniff says he would be a Mayor for everyone: