Dublin West TD resigns from Labour Party

The Dublin-West TD Patrick Nulty has resigned from the Labour Party claiming the leadership and the cabinet has brought the entire political system into disrepute.

He  has accused them of sacrificing their core principles for their own personal political ambitions.

Deputy Nulty was elected in the 2011 by-election caused by the death of Brian Lenihan.

Later the same year he lost the party whip after refusing to vote for the budget.

Deputy Nulty explains why he resigned.

"Time and time again they've said that they're going to protect the vulnerable, but have targeted those on low incomes, students and people with disabilities" he said.

"And as far as I'm concerned rather than protecting ordinary people, the Labour Party have let them down in govenrment - and even the IMF have had to admit that these policies are failing the vast majority of Irish people" he added.