Minister: Threats to burn me out of my home gone too far

The Minister for Health says threats to burn him and his family out of their home have gone much further than they should have.

James Reilly has received a letter containing the arson threat over the new abortion legislation.

A number of politicians - including the Taoiseach Enda Kenny - have previously spoken out about threats they have received from those opposed to the new Bill

Minister Reilly says they are "unfortunate" and "unnecessary".

Minister Reilly says he has not received any extra security as a result but admits it's difficult for his family.

"Not for me, but obviously my family would prefer not to be hearing about stuff like this" he said.

"But...we're all in the same boat, there's an awful lot of people that have been at the end of this - so I wouldn't want to be putting any oxygen on that particular fire if you pardon the pun" he added.