Update – Missing children, rubbish and traffic chaos reported as thousands descend on Rossknowlagh

There was a major search on the beach at Rossknowlagh yesterday afternoon following two separate reports of missing children.

Initially, a 6 year old boy was reported missing, and a major alert was called by Malin head Coastguard after it emerged he had last been seen near the water at 4 o'clock.

Malin Head Coast Guard called in the Bundoran lifeboat, the Coast Guard Helicopter and The Killybegs Coast Guard Boat to help in the search.

The Bundoran Lifeboat arrived on scene at 4.30pm and commenced a search pattern in conjunction with the other rescue agencies and were also assisted by a number of local boats in the area and up to 5 jet-skis.

As the search continued, another call was received to Malin Head regarding a second child, aged eight, who had gone missing not far from the Sandhouse Hotel but was located soon after.

At around ten to five the 6 year old boy was found by a family member and the search was called off.

Meanwhile, listeners to the Shaun Doherty Show have been telling stories of chaos in Rossknowlagh  yesterday with thousands of people and hundreds of cars on the beach. It's reported that all the cars tried to leave at the same time as the tide came in, leaving mountains of rubbish behind.

Pete, the listener who took the picture accompanying this piece said the amount of rubbish on the beach was frightening.....