Senior council official targeted in fake racist email scam

An investigation has been launched after a senior Donegal County Council official was targeted in a fake racist e-mail campaign.

Highland Radio news received the email just after midnight last night which emailfalsely claimed to come from the well-known council official.

It's understood that hundreds of media outlets locally and nationally recieved the email which, while sent from a fake e-mail acount, did include the official’s real mobile phone number.

The letter uses racist language and claims the official is welcoming the formation of a new political party in Donegal.

A spokesman for Donegal County Council has confirmed that they are aware of the e-mails and investigating the matter.

Gardai have also been made aware, and are investigating the matter.

It's understood Gardai and the Council do know who is responsble for hacking the email account.

The council official involved is said to be distraught by what has happened.