New resource for pyrite-affected homeowners

It could cost 50,000 euro to fix a home affected by pyrite.

That is according to the Chair of the Pyrite Resolution Board who made the comments at the launch of a new website to help those affected by the pyrite issue. will give people information about how to apply for the remediation scheme.

Around 1,000 people are waiting to have their homes repaired under the scheme and Chair of the board John O'Connor says there could be many more.

"This problem doesn't emerge all at once - it's a progressive problem, ands it can take it many years. I believe in Canada it took up to 20 years to manifest itself" he said.

"But we do know, I think, that there are more cases coming on-stream all the time".

"For how long and how many more of those will come on-stream it's impossible to estimate at this stage" he added.