Boston Immigration Center says sorry for reporting Donegal woman to the authorities


The Irish International Immigrant Center in Boston  has apologized to the young Donegal it turned in to U.S. authorities after they claimed she had worked on a second job. 

However 'Amanda' still faces a deadline to leave the U.S.

Amanda is in the US on a year-long J-1 Visa and was working as an intern with the Irish Central news outlet – she revealed in an article that she was also doing some bar work.

She was then reported to the authorities by the Boston Based International Immigrant Center before being told to leave the US for breaching her visa.

Following an angry public reaction, The Irish Government supported IIIC said 'it has undertaken to review its procedures in dealing with young Irish immigrants after others stepped forward with complaints going back years about how they were treated by the organization.'

Reacting on its website  Irish Central said 'the climbdown and reality check is welcome after IrishCentral, which employed the girl as an intern, put pressure on the IIIC to apologize and ensure that such an occurrence, where an Irish organization turns in an Irish immigrant after using evidence collected by monitoring her activities, would never happen again.'