Derry City Council and Foyle Search and Rescue reach agreement on One Big Weekend cover

Foyle Search and Rescue

Derry City Council has moved to ease concerns over the resources available for the Foyle Search and Rescue Team to cover the One Big Weekend in Derry.

Craig Smith, chairman of the Foyle Search and Rescue team said the organisation was having trouble getting funding for two extra rescue boats and two jet skis to compliment their usual patrols.

The last time the One Big Weekend was held in the city, Foyle Search and Rescue had four boats on the river with 24 people rescued from the water in a single day.

To cover this years events, which 40,000 people are to attend,  Derry City Council initially offered funding for just one boat and one jetski.

A meeting took place between representatives of Derry council and Foyle Search and Rescue on Tuesday to discuss the issue.

Today a spokesperson for Derry City Council confirmed that contractual arrangements with Foyle Search and Rescue have been agreed and finalised for the Radio 1, One Big Weekend concerts, in accordance with best practice and strict health and safety guidelines.