Derg Councilor calls on Strabane and Donegal local authorities to meet over poor border roads

Cllr Keran McGuire
Cllr Keran McGuire

A Strabane Councillor is seeking a meeting with Donegal County Council to discuss the state of border roads.

Derg Councillor Kieran Mc Guire has asked Strabane District Council to formally convene a meeting with Donegal County Council officials, DRD Roads Service and elected councillors from the Finn Valley and Derg Electoral areas.

He says major source of frustration for people is the state of some of the roads and the length of time it takes for repairs to be carried out when a ’pothole’ appears - particularly on the southern side of the border.

Councillor McGuire also wants the issue of rural crime and ‘fly tipping’ to also be adressed at the meeting: