No Government decision on increase to public transport fares

The Transport Minister says no decisions been made on whether or not the public will face further price hikes on public transport.

Reports today suggest that CIE will ask the National Transport Authority for a fare increase across bus and rail services.

They are also looking to encourage people to use pre-paid tickets or Leap cards which are cheaper.

But Leo Varadkar says there’s always a fares review at the end of the year but no hikes are set in stone:

"The NTA...will make a decision at the end of the year as to whether fares should go up again" he said.

"That happens every year - there's no decisions made at this stage".

"One thing that the NTA has to take into account before agreeing a fare increase is the impact it will have on the number of passengers - because obviously if you increase fares too much less people use public transport, and that defeats the whole purpose" he added.