No plans for privatising public transport, says Varadkar

The Transport Minister is denying claims the government is looking at privatising public transport services.

The comments from Leo Varadkar come as talks on cost-cutting at Bus Eireann continue at the Labour Relations Commission.

The NBRU suspended its strike to allow for talks but that deadline runs out tonight.

Sinn Féin says the dispute is part of a government privatisation agenda, which is a claim being denied by Minister Varadkar.

"If there was a privatisation agenda being pursued by this govenrment, we wouldn't be trying to save these companies" he said.

"There's no privatisation agenda here; what we're trying to do is save these companies".

"We're trying to save these companies - we're trying to save the companies so that the passengers can continue to rely on the services they provide, so that the people who work...very hard in those companies for modest wages can keep their jobs".

"We don't want these companies to fail whatsoever" he added.