Health Minister releases details of hospital reorganisation for Letterkenny and Sligo

James Reilly The first steps in establishing independent hospital trusts have been unveiled by the Health Minister.

Six groupings have been announced - they are Dublin North East; Dublin Midlands; Dublin East; South/South West; West/North West and Midwest.

Letterkenny General and the Sligo Regional will become part of the West/Northwest group along with University Hospital Galway; Merlin Park University; Mayo General; Portiuncula; Roscommon County – The group’s academic partner is  NUIG

Minister James Reilly says this will deliver better and safer services for patients - and is a step towards a world class health service:


Richy Carrothers

Richy Carrothers is the Assistant General Secretary of the trade union Impact.

He fears today's announcement will see a diminution of local management, and says cross border linkages would have suited the northwest better: