Survey shows business owners are slightly optomistic

A new survey by the office supplier Viking has revealed that business owners are slightly more optimistic about the next 3 months.

The majority of small Irish company owners admit to losing sleep because of the recession with 50 percent saying the main cause is fear of not being able to pay their bills.

25 percent of company owners say they are concerned about meeting customer demands while a further 17 percent say they are worried about staffing.

Michael Walby is Director of Viking Ireland. He has this advice for concerned business owners.

"Small business owners are extremely resilient and tough and have gone through a lot of tough times over the last number of years" he said.

"Really from our point of view in what we can see, it's really just to keep going".

"I think we're hopefully somewhere near the bottom, and hopefully starting maybe to climb our way out of these tough times; and these...owners...they all know what it takes to get through it, so it's really just a matter of keep going" he added.