Donal Walsh video on suicide to be distributed to all schools

The Minister with responsibility for Mental Health says a video made by teenager Donal Walsh on the issue of suicide will be distributed to all schools across the country.

The 16-year-old who lost his battle with cancer last night had appealed to young people to treasure life and to think again before taking their own lives.

Tributes have been pouring in for him today.

Minister of State Kathleen Lynch says that once his family approve the video it will be made available to all schools.

"He very clearly wanted that message to be out there - of course the family will have the veto, it is their son after all, and a very precious son" she said.

"It's been worked on as we speak. Donal's request was that it would go into every school, and we will be making DVDs - but it will also go up on the web".

"An incredible man - at 16, he displayed the maturity that you seldom see in someone of 60" she added.