Survey show benefits of shopping around for car insurance

Drivers are being urged to shop around for car insurance after a survey revealed savings of up to 1,300 euro between quotes.

Research has been carried out into the top 8 insurance companies in Ireland by the National Consumer Agency (NCA).

It shows that men and women are now being quoted equally for car insurance following an EU gender ruling earlier this year.

Fergal O'Leary from the National Consumer Agency says there are massive savings to be made if you ask around for car insurance.

"We do find that there are very large variations - so there are a large number of providers in the market and we do know that there are a range of prices that are offered to consumers" he said.

"It's important to keep in mind that it's not all about price - consumers should carefully assess what exactly they're buying and compare like-with-like right across the policies" he added.