UFU says farmers on the A5 upgrade route are “frustrated at uncertainty”

pr52958_[2]_IMG_0825Back row: Alan Mc Cormick, (Affected Farmer) UFU Policy Officer, Kate Cairns; Eric Cootes (Affected farmer); Front row: UFU Deputy President Barclay Bell, Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy, and UFU Legislation Chairman, Jason Rankin.


The Deputy President of the Ulster Farmers Union says there's anger among farmers at the uncertainty over the future of the A5, and it will take at least a year for the future of the project to become clear.

Barclay Bell was speaking ahead of a public meeting in Omagh on May 7th, at which the future of the A5 will be discussed.

At a meeting with Regional Development MInister Danny Kennedy this week, the UFU was told that the Environmental Impact Assessments required for the Finn and Foyle catchments are now underway, and in the meantime, land which had been vested and fenced off by the department is now being given back to farmers at a cost of almost 800,000 pounds.

However, Barclay Bell says there's no clear indication of what will happen next, and that's frustrating for farmers.............