Revenue warns not all homes will receive property tax letters

The Revenue Commissioners is again warning that the Local Property Tax charge will be deducted from people who do not pay.

Revenue says almost 219,000 households have registered for the tax with 1.3 million euro so far collected.

It also says due to errors in the computer system people who have not received a letter must make contact with Revenue.

Josephine Feehily is the Revenue Chairperson. She says enforcement work will begin from the end of June if there is non payment.

"We will enforce it by deduction at source from their payroll if they're on PAYE, or from occupational pensions if they're on occupational pensions" she said.

"In relation to the self-assessed, if they haven't paid and filed their LPT return by the time they're filing their tax return in October - then they will be surcharged on their tax return" she added.