Tanaiste says Government assessing reasons for rejection of Croke Park 2

The Tanaiste says the government will assess whether the Croke Park 2 deal was voted down because it was perceived as being anti-woman or anti-family.

Eamon Gilmore says trade unions will provide the Government with an assessment of their reasons for rejecting the Croke Park 2 deal in the coming weeks.

A newspaper report today says the government is examining whether the deal was rejected by women with children because of its adverse affect on childcare.

But Eamon Gilmore says it will be some time before ministers know the true reason.

"Well a feature of the public service generally is (a) high number of women who are employed in the public service - that's right across the public service" he said.

"But I think we need to hear the assessment that the unions make of the reasons why the agreement was voted down" he added.