Government fully respects independence of judiciary

The Tanaiste has said the row between the government and the judiciary is something that should not be conducted in public.

Eamon Gilmore made the comments after the Minister for Justice Alan Shatter rejected claims made by the Association of Judges that the lines of communication between the government and the judiciary have broken down.

Last week Judge Peter Kelly accused the government of attacking judicial independence with pay cuts for judges and the establishment of new courts.

But speaking this morning the Tanaiste said the government fully respects judicial independence.

"I think frankly I think that it is a conversation that it is a conversation that is best not conducted in public - I don't think that a dialogue over the airwaves is the way in which this kind of discussion should take place" he said.

"As far as the government is concerned, as far as I'm concerned, we respect the independence of the judiciary full stop" he added.