Council in new Household Charge warning but boycott remains strong

Donegal County Council says that over 61% of

householders in Donegal have now registered properties for the Household Charge warning those that haven't, that they face further penalties.

The Household Charge is this year being replaced by the Property Tax with Revenue warning that it will use a number of measure to collect both.

Protesters outside Council offices in Lifford
Protesters outside Council offices in Lifford

There still remains a strong opposition to both the Household Charge and the Property Tax in Donegal with 39%, according to the Council, so far refusing to pay the former.

Protests groups in the county contest that the figure is actually higher and are urging people who have not yet paid to continue their protest.

However, the Council says those who have not paid the household charge so far now owe €130, which includes 30 euro in penalties.

The household charge will increase to €144 in May 2013 and increase further to €145 in June 2013.

From July 1st 2013, any outstanding Household Charge will be increased to €200 and added to the Local Property Tax due on the property.

The Council warms that the Revenue Commissioners will then pursue any Household Charge outstanding when the Local Property Tax system is fully operational.

Interest and penalties under the Local Property Tax system will apply to the additional €200.