Update – Spokesperson refuses to comment on number of turbine collapses after turbine comes down in Donegal

wind turbineA technical examination is underway after a wind turbine came crashing down at the weekend.

Pictures show the 250 foot high wind turbine flat on the ground in the bogland at Loughderry-duff near Mass, Portnoo.

A spokesman for the developers North West Wind Ltd, said that they were awaiting the outcome of a "technical evaluation" of the scene.

Patricia Sharkey from the Gweebarra Conservation Group, who is opposed to wind farms, says this accident isn't just a one off.....


Speaking on today's Shaun Doherty Show, Matt Whitby, the External Communication Partner with Vestas Northern Europe said such incidents are very rare, and the operators are taking safety issues very seriously.

However, he refused to answer questions about how many times such collapses have happened in the past.........