Mc Gowan says action is needed on unfinished estates

mcgowanAs a list is published of unfinished estates whose residents are exempt from the Property Tax, a Donegal Councillor says there are several such estates in Donegal which are not on the exempted list. He also says there are  many instances of people in established homes beside such estates which are being affected by the infrastructure problems associated with them.

Cllr Patrick Mc Gowan says there is no evidence of any political will to tackle the issue, when what is needed is for the government, the council, developers, the banks and NAMA to sit down and find a formula to address what is a growing problem.

At present, the council is assessing a High Court direction to take over two estates in Bundoran, and Cllr Mc Gowan says while the council is willing to look at taking over estates, it cannot do so alone.

In the meantime, he says, people are living in intolerable conditions........