Derry remains Northern Irelands dole capital

DOLEOver 15,000 people are claiming the dole in the Derry, Limavady and Strabane areas according to latest figures.

The latest statistics from Stormont released this morning show that the three Northwest disctricts make up a total of 23.5% of the overall Northern Ireland unemployment rate.

In Derry 5,581 people are on the dole.

This is a slight drop of 451 people if compared to December 2012 when 6032 people were on the dole in Derry.

But despite this, Derry still remains the norths dole capital with 8.4% of people of working age claiming unemployment related benefits.

In Strabane the rate stands at 7.6% with 4,932 people claiming the dole, while in Limavady the rate stands at 7.3% with 4,737 people claiming.

These rates still remain lower than the Republic of Ireland average which is 15%, and the Donegal unemployment average which is 22%.