Comreg “unaware” of broadband problems for businesses in North Donegal

joe mc hughA spokesperson for the Communications Regulator Comreg has said they are not aware of any deficiencies in broadband connectivity for businesses in Donegal.

Donegal North East Deputy Joe Mc Hugh raised the issue during an Oireachtas Comnmunications Committee meeting this morning attended by the regulator and some of his senior staff.

He asked the regulator about Project Kelvin, and how Comreg intend to ensure that Project Kelvin is used to address problems in the county, particularly in the Inishowen peninsula.

However, Comreg official Donal Leavy told the committee that as far as they are aware, there are no issues in Donegal...............


Speaking afterwards to Highland Radio News, Deputy Mc Hugh said the connectivity problems in Inishowen have been widely discussed both locally and nationally, and he's concerned that they haven't been brought to the regulator's attention...............