Pringle says campaign against Property Tax must intensify

Homeowners curious about how much their home is valued at for the property tax can go online from today to get an estimate.

The Revenue Commissioners have published an online guide on their website - - indicating how much property tax householders will be liable to pay.

The guide provides average values for different types of homes - based on how old the property is and the average price in the area.

The vast majority of properties in Donegal fall under the first two valuation bands, up to a maximum value of 150,000 eueo.

About 1.8 million householders will start to receive Revenue forms about the tax this week.

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd-Barrett, whio will address a public meeting on the peoperty tax in Letterkenny tomorrow night says he will continue to oppose the tax even if TD's who dont pay the levy will risk losing their seats if re-elected.

Meanwhile, Independent Donegal South West Deputy Thomas Pringle says he will continue to boycott the tax, and believes it can still be defeated...........