Assault victim blames himself for serious injuries sustained by Letterkenny man – Extended interview

Murder victim Patrick Harkin
Murder victim Patrick Harkin

A Derry man has said that if police had properly investigated a complaint he made then one man may still be alive and another could have avoided serious injury.

In 2011 John McLaughlin was seriously assaulted by Paul Greenbanks in Derry who months later murdered Patrick Harkin and left his friend, Letterkenny man Paul Mythen permanently brain damaged.

Mr McLaughlin made a complaint that his assault was not properly investigated and now four police officers have been disciplined as a result. This week Paul Greenbanks admitted murdering Mr Harkin and the attempted murder of 41 year-old Paul Mythen.

John McLaughlin, a taxi driver in Derry, says he still feels in someway responsible for what happened after he was assaulted: