Inquest opens into Kate Fitzgerald death

An inquest has opened into the death of 25 year old media consultant Kate Fitzgerald, 18 months ago.

The coroner's court has heard that The Irish Times anonymously published her personal account of suicide survival and the workplace in the days after her death in August 2011.

The newspaper was unaware that she had died until it received a phonecall from her father Tom FitzGerald who informed Peter Murtagh, Opinion Editor at the time, that his daughter had taken her life.

Mr Murtagh told the court he had spoken to Kate FitzGerald before publishing the article.

She talked him through her experience of depression and said she'd overcome the problem but found the reaction of some of her colleagues extremely unhelpful.

He has told the court she spoke very calmly and with great lucidity and he didn't believe he was dealing with someone on edge.