Exclusive: Donegal woman has no bad feelings towards hijacker

The Donegal woman who had her jeep hijacked while her nine-year-old child was in the back seat says she doesn't have any bad feeling towards the man who was found responsible.

Bernadette Moran, the wife of the Donegal football team doctor, managed to pull her daughter from the vehicle before 21-year-old Christopher Coakley accelerated away.

He was this week sentenced to three years in prison for the crime which will run concurrently with a sentence he is already serving for a firearm offence.

Bernie Moran was in Dublin with her three children for an All-Ireland quarter-final match in Croke Park when her jeep was hijacked.

She spoke earlier on the 'Shaun Doherty Show' and revealed that she didn't tell her husband what had happened until after Donegal had won the match: