Marie Flemming facing “a painful, humiliating and distressing death”

The Supreme Court has been told terminally ill woman Marie Fleming is facing a Marie Flemmingpainful, humiliating and distressing death.

The 59 year old Donegal native is not in court for her appeal challenging the outright ban on assisted suicide which has begun before 7 judges and will last 3 days.

The court's been told the death Marie Fleming's facing is on any objective analysis horrifying.

Before her life ends she may first be locked in, fully sentient but unable to communicate.

She doesn't want anyone to kill her but she does need assistance taking her own life.

Practically that would mean administering gas through a facemask or using a canula in her arm which she would activate by shaking her head or through a blowing action.

The 59 year old is challenging the 1993 law that imposes an outright ban on assisted suicide, arguing it is unconstitutional or incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights.

Her lawyers say it's a cruel irony that were Marie Fleming able bodied and therefore not perhaps experiencing the same acute degree of suffering she would be able to end her life.