Plan to cut 1 billion euro from public sector passed to unions

The Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform has confirmed that a document proposing 1 billion euro worth of cuts to the public sector has been handed over to unions.

The unions will now consider the document, before deciding whether or not they agree with it.

Minister Brendan Howlin is briefing the Taoiseach, the Finance Minister and the Tánaiste today.

He will brief the full cabinet on the contents of the document tomorrow.

His Cabinet colleague, Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte, says no section of the public service can be exempt from reform in a bid to make savings on the public service bill.

"(I) can't see any circumstances where walking out would allow you to ring-fence yourself from making a contribution" he said.

"So...individual union executives, leaders made their decisions - but it would appear to me that no section of the public service can be exempt, but that the principal of fairness ought to apply that those who can afford most should contribute most" he added.