Man to be sentenced for abusing his daughter

A man is to be sentenced for repeatedly sexually abusing his daughter and her step-sister, which a court heard, led to the girls attempting suicide.

The 44 year old pleaded guilty to six counts of sexual assault against the two girls and one count of rape, with an object, between 2001 and 2003 at various locations in Dublin.

The court heard the two young girls lived in a chaotic environment where two adults and 3 children often had to share a double bed.

Both were under the age of 17 when abused by their guardian who threatened to kill one of the girls if she told anyone.

Both attempted suicide as a result of the abuse   one of the women told the court  He took everything from me and made me believe that all I was good for was sex, .

She said she felt sorry for the accused but could never forgive him.
Eventually a family member disclosed the abuse to gardai...the 44 year old will be sentenced today.