Minister says leeway critical on promissory note deal

The Minister for Social Protection says it is critical that the promissory note deal gives Ireland some leeway.

It is reported the Troika is unhappy with comments by Minister Joan Burton in the Dail last week when she indicated that the money saved should be used to soften the Budget this year.

The EU, ECB and the IMF are concerned that using the money this year could damage the Irish push to return to the bond markets.

Minister Burton says the Troika must be aware of the high levels of unemployment in Ireland and have indicated themselves that they underestimated the effect of austerity on jobs in Ireland.

She also dismissed suggestions of division between Labour and Fine Gael on the issue saying she is not aware of any Government Minister who does not want to get people back to work.

"The critical thing is that the promissory note deal gives Ireland a small bit of extra leeway in relation to helping people to get back to work" she said.

"I would like to see the Budget framed in the context of helping people to get back to work; and we have that little bit of extra leeway from the promissory note deal" she added.