Irish emigrants are getting older, says visa firm

Emigrants are getting older according to a company that handles visas. says the average age of visa applicants to its service has risen from 29 to 32.

It has compiled figures for 2012 which show that one and a half times more men than women are leaving the country to seek work abroad.

And Edwina Shanahan from Visa First says they are getting older too.

"We had engineers in their 50s looking for jobs overseas and looking for placements - and I suppose typically those would have been people that you would have assumed will be fairly safe and fairly stabilised here in Ireland" she said.

"But it's changed a little bit now; people are looking for better opportunities overseas and a better way of life overseas".

"Really I suppose really it comes down to  is a little bit more cash flow at the end of the week once you've all the bills paid" she added.