1000s expected for Dublin protest

Frontline workers say they expect thousands to turn out in Tallaght in Dublin this evening for a rally against pay-cuts.

It comes as talks get underway this morning between union and government reps in a bid to hammer out a new deal on public sector pay.

Gardai say they are withdrawing 'goodwill' gestures from next Friday and will not be using their own cars or phones for duty.

John Redmond is from the Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors (AGSI) which is part of the 24/ 7 Frontline Alliance.

He says he hopes this evening's protest sends a clear message to the government.

"They need to realise that we are providing essential emergency frontline services; our people are out facing dangers day in, day out - during the nights (and) at weekends" he said.

"The idea that somehow Sunday or working nights is no different than working days - it's just not true" he added.